South Seattle College Emergency & Closure Alert System Information

South Seattle College’s emergency alert system, SeattleCollegesAlerts, is used to provide important unexpected closure and safety information.  You receive that information at your email on file with the college by default.  You can also receive mobile phone text and voice messages if you opt-in (details on how to do that below).

The system is only used in emergency or unexpected closure situations.  The most common use of SeattleCollegesAlerts is to communicate college closures due to weather conditions. Other types of emergencies may include earthquakes or power outages, or any unexpected event that may put your safety at risk. Learn more about the system here.

All students receive SeattleCollegesAlerts emails to your address on file with the college.  You can check your email address on file with the college by logging in to MySouth.

If you carry a mobile phone, we strongly suggest opting in for text and voice messages as well.  If you do opt-in for text and voicemails to your personal phone, please note SeattleCollegesAlerts will NOT charge you in any way. However, you are responsible for paying all messaging charges associated with your wireless carrier plan.

If you have not already added a personal phone to your SeattleCollegesAlerts profile, below are step-by-step instructions to add a mobile phone to the SeattleCollegesAlerts system so you can receive text and voice messages. (Please note these instructions assume you will be resetting your password.  If you already know your password, you can use the hyperlink in step 1 and then skip ahead to step 7).

  1. Visit:
  2. Beneath Password, click on Forgot your Password?
  3. Using your email address you used when registering at South Seattle College (or your most recent email address on file with the college, found in your MySouth profile), visit that email inbox and look for an email from sender: Open that email and click on the link to reset your password. Your username is the email address you used to register with the college.  If you do not see an email, please check your spam filter and make sure the email address you currently use is current in MySouth.
  4. Once again visit:
  5. Type in your same email address and the password you just created and then click LOG IN.
  6. A Terms of Use page may appear.  If so, read it and click the box to acknowledge you agree to the terms,           and then click SUBMIT.
  7. At the top of the screen a red banner reads: To take full advantage of this service, you must add at least one Mobile Contact. Click the yellow box that says REGISTER PHONE.
  8. Enter your phone number in the box underneath: Mobile Number (do not include dashes).
  9. By default the Enable Voice Message Delivery box is automatically checked.  Click the green CONTINUE
  10. Next you must use the dropdown menu to select you Mobile Phone Carrier.
  11. Select your mobile phone carrier and then click the green CONTINUE
  12. You should receive a confirmation code sent your mobile device. You can click to resend if you did not receive the code.
  13. Once you received the code, type the code into the box and then click the green CONTINUE
  14. You have now completed registering your Mobile Device and may click on the DONE
  15. Once that is complete you will be taken to your profile page. Here you may add additional mobile phone numbers, voice only line contacts, and email addresses.

For technical help, please contact:

You can also expect to find unexpected closure and emergency information in the following areas:

  • Website: Closure and emergency announcements will be posted in the top banner of South’s website.
  • Social media: Closure and emergency notifications will be posted to South’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Phone message: The main campus phone line (206-934-5300) message will be switched to a closure announcement during unexpected closures.
  • and news media:  We will post closure information to the region-wide system, which then feeds details to news media.  You can also visit the FlashAlert website directly, click on the “View Local News” dropdown menu, select “Seattle/Western Washington” and enter “South Seattle College” in the search box.  Click on the link that appears and you’ll see the latest.



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